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Doing embedded development and research – reflections on the start of the Results4TB programme

Georgia has a high overall tuberculosis treatment success rate, but with wide geographical variation, and a high loss to follow up. Treatment success rate of drug-sensitive patients varies from 50% to 100%. Even more worrying has been the relatively low treatment success rates for multi-drug resistant TB patients, at around 56%.

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Webinar on The peer review process – what happens when you send your manuscript to a journal

Have you ever wondered what the journal editor’s viewpoint is on your article, or what happens once you send your manuscript to a journal? This webinar will provide an overview of the peer review process with advice for authors on how to engage constructively with comments from editors and reviewers, and what to do when you disagree. 

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Georgian Solution for a Post-Soviet TB Program: Can Integration into Primary Health Care Improve TB Care?

Former Soviet countries in the Eastern European and Central Asian (EECA) region are fighting the prevailing perception that their outdated hospital-based tuberculosis (TB) programs are failing to provide patient-centered care.

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