Community Based Health Insurance

Community Based Health Insurance Project was funded by Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) and was implemented by Curatio International Foundation (CIF) during the period of September 2003 – September 2007. The objective of the project was to test the feasibility and effectiveness of community based health insurance (CBHI) schemes implemented by the selected communities in Georgia.

More specifically, the project aimed to:

Improve access to health services and provide financial protection for poor and vulnerable groups through increased community participation;
Replicate seven pilot (CBHI) schemes implemented in Western Georgia in at least thirty six (36) other communities in Eastern and Western Georgia;
Link the micro schemes (micro-insurance) that increase the size of the risk pool and generate economics of scale with management of the insurance schemes.
This grant complemented the Development Credit Agreement (Credit Number 3702 GE) of the Primary Health Care Development Project dated November 8, 2002 between Georgia and IDA and facilitated the implementation of the Primary Health Care Development Project.