Can Social Media monitoring lead to improved perceptions about immunization?

September 17, 2020                                            Authors: Eka Paatashvili, Gayane Sahakyan (MoH, Armenia), Svetlana Grigoryan (MoH, Armenia)

The recent COVID-19 crisis has shown how social media can be used successfully for community engagement and emotional support, as well as for providing the latest global evidence. Yet, we also see how it can be used as a tool to spread unverified rumors and misinformation about COVID-19, fueling fear around a vaccine that is still under development. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), called for taking urgent measures to address the “coronavirus infodemic”

#COVID19 – Evidence and Policymaking: Personal Reflections from an LMIC Setting

April 2, 2020                                            by George GotsadzePresident of Curatio International Foundation and Executive Director of Health Systems Global

As I embark on writing this blog, the global outbreak of COVID-19 is posing a growing threat to the health and well-being of our societies. The unfolding global health and economic crisis demands bold actions from all of us, but most importantly from policymakers. Governments are forced to balance policy choices between minimizing the death toll caused by the infection while reducing the negative economic impact expected in the aftermath of the COVID19 outbreak, when hard-hit economies with rising unemployment are expected to leave millions of households without subsistence income.

Georgian solution for a post-Soviet TB program: Can Integration into Primary Health Care Improve TB Treatment?

August 17, 2017                                                                             by Julia Makayova


Former Soviet countries in the Eastern European and Central Asian (EECA) region are fighting the prevailing perception that their outdated hospital-based tuberculosis (TB) programs are failing to provide patient-centered care. Since 2005, Georgia has emerged as the regional leader in decentralizing TB services and implementing country-wide directly-observed treatment (DOTS) coverage in line with the major components of the international Stop TB strategy.