Effects of GFATM on Georgia’s Health System Development

The project funded by the Alliance for Health Policy and System Research (HPSR) was implemented in February 2006- 2008 by Curatio International Foundation. The proposed study is a continuation of the baseline research carried out in Georgia during 2004 in accordance with SWEF study protocol on GFATM impact on a national health system.

The proposed study applied to the already developed study protocol and instruments. It helped evaluate GFATM impact on Georgia’s health system by looking at:

Policy processes;
Human resources;
Pharmaceutical and commodity supply system;
Public-private mix; and
Access to services by HIV/AIDS high risk groups and TB patients.
Results of the study inform the primary health care reform policies of the country about the aim to integrate services for focal diseases on a PHC level. In addition, results also contribute to global evidence on GFATM possible impact on a broader health system. The research findings have following policy relevance: they inform national, as well as international policy makers about where GFATM contributes to the strengthening of health care system in Georgia and what can be done to address weaknesses; it also informs policy makers about where national health care system has degree of similarity with the Georgian one and contribute to the body of evidence being generated by the SWEF research network.