Ketevan Chkhatarashvili
President, MD,MPH

Since 2002, when Dr Ketevan Chkhatarashvili was elected as a President of CIF by the Board of Directors, she has made invaluable contribution to the development of the organization and its overall performance. Her presence at CIF has been characterized by accelerated growth and organizational development.  She is the author of many articles in international peer reviewed journals.

As a public health expert she has worked with the World Bank and UN agencies such as WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNFPA, with John Hopkins University, USAID, Global Fund and other leading organizations.  Dr. Chkhatarashvili has extensive experience in the fields of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health and governance.

In addition to her managerial background, she has an MD and more than nine years of clinical experience.  She earned her Master’s degree in Public Health from the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and became a Yale World Fellow in 2007.

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