Tajikistan Child Health Care Services and Data Quality Assignment

Aim of the project was to identify deficiencies in children birth and death registration system and identify quality of child health care rendered by family medicine practitioners at primary health care level; The project was funded by the World Bank. Duration: May 2010 – May 2011.

Project encompassed the following two components:

Part I: Qualitative research to identify attitude, practice and barriers to effective collection of data related to child births and deaths registration. The data were collected in selected regions from health officials and staff responsible for health data reporting at the different administrative levels (health facilities, local government, rayons, oblasts and central levels) and different groups in the community (women and men) to identify the factors that prevent them from registering child birth and death cases. Analytical report provided specific policy and operational recommendations for the government and donor community.
Part II: Primary Health Care (PHC) facilities survey in selected regions using the IMCI Health Facility Survey methodology. The survey covered 70 PHC centers stratified by centers with and without personnel trained in Family Medicine. The study report along with main findings provided specific policy and operational recommendations to improve child health care services at the primary care level;
The findings of both surveys were disseminated at the workshop in Dushanbe in May 2011.