Final Evaluation of GAVI Alliance’s Support to Bosnia and Herzogovina

In 2014 Curatio International Foundation conducted a final evaluation of GAVI’s support to Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), commissioned by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) Alliance Secretariat.

The evaluation assessed both financial and programmatic sustainability through an in-depth analysis of BiH’s experiences and immunization program performance before, during and after the conclusion of GAVI’s period of support for the country. The evaluation also identified factors contributing to the sustainability of these programs and their achievements.

GAVI’s support to BiH was evaluated along three-evaluation focus areas: planning (pre-GAVI support), implementation (support received during GAVI period) and outcomes (post-GAVI support). Additionally, evidence related to each of the focus areas was assessed against five OECD/DAC evaluation criteria: relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact/results, and sustainability, with greatest emphasis on sustainability.

The recommendations derived after the evaluation are planned to help further define M&E and potential programmatic activities to be conducted in graduating countries in the future.

To read the final evaluation report, please follow the link.