Feedback From Our Interns

Curatio International Foundation hosts international students from different schools like:  Yale University, Macalester College, John Hopkins School of Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, The George Washington University. Some of them share their internship experience in CIF.

Natalie Flath, CIF intern from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Natalie was involved in data analysis to explore the effectiveness of prevention programs on the health of PWIDs in Georgia.


Noemia Teixeira-Filha, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

Together with CIF Research team, Noemia was working on Health Financing Analysis using Integrated Household Survey. The analysis aimed to assess financial health protection and equity concepts in health financing during 2010-2015 years.


Daiane B Machado, CIF intern from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

During her internship Daiane worked on a literature review, looking at Integration of Mental Health services in primary care and lessons learned from developed countries.


Lindsay Kallman, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, (USA)

Within the internship program, Lindsay worked on HIV/AIDS and behavioral issues. She is contributes to the paper development, related to the study. She will be one of the co-othor of of the scientific article.


Stuart Green, PhD student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He was involved in the research project: Organization and Financing of Mental Health and Policy Aspects and in collaboration with CIF stuff, he contributed in a new paper development, about mental health problems in Georgia. Stuart shares his experience in the video.


Alexa Papaila, George Washington University, US. Alexa is a Master’s Degree student and her field of interest is HIV/AIDS. She was involved in conducting Literature Review on MSM Population Size Estimation methods and critically analyzed different method types. Alexa shares her internship experance in the video.


Siyabonga Ndwandwe, Macalester College,US. Siyabonga is working towards Bachalor’s degree in Economics, concentrating in Global Health and International Development. His interests in health finance was directed to analize effects of the Global Fund withdrawal on HIV epidemic in several countries.


Alexander Krengel, Drexel University, US. Alex is a Master’s Degree student of Public Health. He is interested in global health systems and issues about implementation health systems around the world. He spent 4 weeks in Georgia during CIF winter internship program. Alex retails shortly about his professional interests and practical researh experience he had during the internship program. Drexel University also published a short story about Alex and his visit in Georgia.


Riccardo Maddalozzo, Macalester College, MN, USA. Ricardo is a Bachelor’s degree student. He was intern in CIF through 2014 winter program. His main interest is Global Health and plans his future carrier in this direction. Ricardo shares his experience about internship program.


Wenze Tang, The Washington State University, DC, USA. Wenze is a Master’s student of International Relations he spent three months in Georgia as an intern in CIF. See the video about his intern experience.


Lucia Callizzo, Macalester College, MN, USA and Laura Covarrubias, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Care, MD, USA. Lucia and Lauara were participating in 2012 winter internship program at CIF. They share their internship experience.