About Internship

Since 2002 Curatio International Foundation attracts interns from around the world, studying at masters or Ph.D. level and are interested to have the first-hand experience in the real-life setting and to contribute to the research projects implemented by the organization.

Timing of the Internships

Summer internship (June through September) from 1 to 4 month
Winter internship (December through February) from 2 to 8 weeks

Who can apply
    1. Master level students
    2. PhD Students
CIF provides following to the interns
    • Office space and access to internet communication and office equipment;
    • Access to on-line library with more than 8,000 information resources and in 30 different languages;
    • Internship coordinator, who provides continuous guidance around the research topic and support to an intern during their stay in Georgia and after their departure, during scientific paper preparation;
    • Logistical support prior to arrival to Georgia and during their stay, which includes following but not limited to: acceptance letter to facilitate obtaining travel grants from different donors, support for accommodation in Tbilisi-Georgia, guidance for travel, etc.
    • Block grant in the amount of 500 USD will be provided to intern arriving for the period of 8 or more weeks. Shorter internships will receive 300 USD as a one-time payment. The Grants are indented to supplement lodging expenses.
    • Grants are issued upon completion of the internship outputs.
The Benefits to Interns are
    • Apply knowledge and research skills in issues important for low and middle income countries;
    • Access to the primary research data;
    • Contribute and become one of the authors of a scientific paper;
    • Interact with the professionals informing policy making process;
    • Visit country of Georgia well known for its beautiful nature, history, culture, hospitality, wine and cuisine.

Interns will be given right to use the data for their dissertation or course paper, per university’s requirement, but the rights will be ONLY transferred for the pre-agreed scientific work which will be elaborated in the International Research Exchange Agreement between CIF and the intern.

The presentation will tell you what is our internship all about.

Our Interns

Taavy Miller from University of North Carolina shares her internship experience

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Ara Srinagesh from New York University Shares her Internship Experience

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Natalie Flath, CIF intern from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Natalie was involved in data analysis to explore the effectiveness of prevention programs on the health…

Daiane B Machado, CIF intern from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

During her internship Daiane worked on a literature review, looking at Integration of Mental Health…

Noemia Teixeira-Filha, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK

Together with CIF Research team, Noemia was working on Health Financing Analysis using Integrated Household…

Alexa Papaila, George Washington University

Alexa Papaila, George Washington University, US. Alexa is a Master’s Degree student and her field…

Alexander Krengel,Drexel University

Alexander Krengel, Drexel University, US. Alex is a Master’s Degree student of Public Health. He…

Lucia Callizzo, Macalester College and Laura Covarrubias, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Care

Lucia Callizzo, Macalester College, MN, USA and Laura Covarrubias, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Care, MD,…

Lindsay Kallman, George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, (USA)

Within the internship program, Lindsay worked on HIV/AIDS and behavioral issues. She is contributes to…

Siyabonga Ndwandwe, Macalester College,US

Siyabonga is working towards Bachalor’s degree in Economics, concentrating in Global Health and International Development.…

Riccardo Maddalozzo, Macalester College, MN, USA.

Riccardo is a Bachelor’s degree student. He was intern in CIF through 2014 winter program.…

Stuart Green, PhD student at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

the research project: Organization and Financing of Mental Health and Policy Aspects and in collaboration…