National Health Accounts:Reproductive Health Sub-Analysis for Georgia 2001-2003

National Health Accounts (NHA) is an internationally recognized methodology for monitoring financial resource flows into the health sector from the various sources of funds to financial agents, and from financial agents to providers and functions. The NHA sub-analysis for reproductive health is presented to evaluate resources for reproductive health services within the overall NHA framework. The NHA reproductive health sub-analysis for Georgia was carried out by a team of experts from Curatio International Foundation, Abt. Associates Inc. and the National Institute of Health of Georgia (NIH), with the financial assistance of USAID Caucasus for the CoReform project. The purpose of this paper is to present the estimates of reproductive health spending during 2001-2003 and derive policy relevant results, to inform the reproductive health policy development process that is currently taking place in the country.Published: 2005. Authors: Ketevan Chkhatarashvili, George Gotsadze, Alexandr Turdziladze. View the document.