Prices, Availability and Affordability of Medicines

The present report   “Price, availability and affordability of medicines in Georgia” attempted to obtain reliable data on these aspects and documents tendencies of change over the course of 6 month in 2010. The survey looked at availability and price of Innovative Brands and their equivalent low price generics, analyzed collected data by type of medicine, regional differences as well as by type of pharmacy. The survey also looks at medicine mark-ups and compares with mark-ups in European countries, measures affordability of standard treatments as percent of average subsistence monthly allowance and provides comparison of the standard treatments by innovative brands and equivalent low price generics.  Though the study has not covered all therapeutic categories, these do not detract from the importance of the above results as basis for action and as baseline for future studies. Authors: Tamar Gotsadze, Natia Rukhadze, Tinatin Turdzeladze; 2010. The full version of the report in available in Georgian.