What can be done to improve treatment adherence among tuberculosis patients in Georgia: A look through the health system lens

Introduction and Overview

The Curatio International Foundation has implemented a new research project that aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the factors associated with loss in follow-up among TB patients.

The project has two main objectives. The first is to generate evidence that will inform policy on measures to reduce loss to follow-up among TB patients. The project also has two sub objectives: Objective 1.1 is to identify, determine and describe factors that enhance or undermine treatment adherence among TB patients, and Objective 1.2 is to develop recommendations based on research evidence aimed at policymakers and involved stakeholders. The second main objective aims to disseminate the study findings to a wider audience in the Eastern European Region for its further replication. The study outcome will inform policymakers and provide evidence-based recommendations. The results will be disseminated regionally via events dedicated to TB. CIF will provide information about all key activities and results during the study’s implementation.

Organizations involved in the research

The project is funded under the Joint TDR/EURO Small Grants Scheme for Implementation Research in Infectious Diseases. This scheme funds specific research projects in diseases of poverty, which cover infectious diseases, and the culture and environment that contribute to these problems. It also supports the development of individuals and institutions in the countries where these diseases are prevalent.