Health Systems Strenghtening

Strong Health Systems are the only way to guarantee long-lasting, sustainable access to high quality, affordable and accessible care for all.

CIF helps strengthen systems through innovative approaches in the fields of health financing, improved health information systems,and building stronger sub-national and national government.

We rely on local human resources and apply the best international experience in our work to strengthen local capacity and ensure sustainability. Our staff draws on more than 20 years of experience and can tap into the know-how of more than 400 consultants world-wide

As a result of CIF’s work,  Georgia was the first country in the Former Soviet Union to institutionalize National Health Accounts. In close collaboration with our Government we developed a concept of “Medical Insurance for the Poor” adapted to Georgia, which became the basis for the State-funded Universal Health Program.

Working with international partners,  CIF developed an Immunization and Infectious Disease Surveillance system for Georgia as well as the HIV/AIDS National Surveillance system now in place.

We’ve worked on Health System Strengthening with the World Bank, USAID, JSDF and the Global Fund.