Policy Work


Curatio International Foundation (CIF)helps improve Health Policy by supporting policy makers with evidence-based studies for their policy- and decision-making needs.

Our work is devoted to encouraging responsible decisions through research results in the form of policy briefs and other materials, and by organizing “policy clubs” so that our partners can reference our policy making materials.

In close collaboration with the Georgian Government we have developed a Health Sector Development Document, approved by WHO. CIF consultants were part of the team that assisted the Tajikistan Government to develop its 2020 Health Strategy Document.  This participatory process increased local capacity to carry out evidence-based policy development, as the documents were developed.

A National HIV/AIDS strategic document was developed by CIF by using a national consultation in Georgia.  The document was subsequently approved and became the basis of State Budget allocations for HIV/AIDS.

In collaboration with the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, CIF created a platform that will improve access by policy makers to relevant, reliable, accessible and timely information. Key priorities in the health care system of the country were identified, and evidence generated through extensive reviews of published and gray literature. This platform is being piloted in four countries, including Georgia.