Transition and Sustainability


We give priority to assessing and monitoring the progress and sustainability of donor- funded programs in the countries where we work.   Such evaluations spotlight effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

In 2014 Curatio International Foundation made a final evaluation of Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) support in Bosnia and Herzegovina to assess the sustainability of the programs supported by GAVI and their results after funding ended  to identify which factors made the programs sustainable.  We documented the results and made recommendations for creating future policies.

CIF recently implemented a Croatian case study on the sustainability of programs supported by The Global Fund.  We evaluated the transition process from Global Fund support and analysed the challenges faced by this country dealing with transition.  Documented lessons learned for the Global Fund will inform their engagement with future countries in transition.

Currently CIF is closely working with The Global Fund on similar issues in Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and Bulgaria to identify strategic and operational solutions to inform adequate transition planning for sustaining HIV and TB programs.CIF developed a Conceptual Framework to evaluate transition processes.  We created practical guides for The Global Fund and their recipient countries to ensure smooth transitions out of donor supported programs and to ensure sustainability for national HIV and TB programs. This Framework is a tool to identify barriers and challenges, best practices and lessons learned. National-level findings are collated in a synthesis report that serves as input to the development of a Global Fund Strategy on Transition and Sustainability.  This,in turn, will feed into the new Global Fund Strategy.

During 2012-2014 CIF was funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to evaluatethe cost  and financing of Moldova’s national immunization program when a new vaccine was introduced.  This analysis of program costs within the country’s overall financial context led torecommendations for establishing financial sustainability beforeGAVI support comes to an end in Moldova.