Note for Readers

Tuberculosis (TB) still remains a global challenge to public health across the world and in Georgia. Poor treatment adherence remains a significant problem that prevents countries from achieving high treatment success rates which are essential to control the epidemic. The CIF blog offers commentaries on global TB issues. We hope the views in this blog will encourage those affected by the health system as well as healthcare practitioners and policy makers to develop and share effective strategies for improving TB care.

August 17, 2017                                                                             by Julia Makayova

Former Soviet countries in the Eastern European and Central Asian (EECA) region are fighting the prevailing perception that their outdated hospital-based tuberculosis (TB) programs are failing to provide patient-centered care. Since 2005, Georgia has emerged as the regional leader in decentralizing TB services and implementing country-wide directly-observed treatment (DOTS) coverage in line with the major components of the international Stop TB strategy. Read more >>