Fiscal Space Analysis for Health


6-month long project


Introduction & Overview

As part of the World Bank’s support to improving health service delivery in the country and efforts to explore prospects of harnessing domestic resources for health, Curatio International Foundation conducts fiscal space analysis in collaboration with the Government of Georgia to maximize the achievement of the health sector objectives within the overall macroeconomic and fiscal realities of the country. This analytical study aims to conduct diagnostic and analytical work on the potential for mobilization of additional domestic resources for health. It intends to generate analytical insights which can improve the understanding of existing revenue resources and revenue generation potential in Georgia.



The study will analyze the mobilization of domestic resources for health through taxation, insurance, and other additional financing mechanisms and strategies. It will also analyze the levels and types of resources that are now being mobilized domestically and examine how these patterns are influenced by the stage of development of the economy among other factors.


Organizations involved

The World Bank, CIF