Hosting Health Systems Global Secretariat

Introduction and Overview

Health Systems Global (HSG) is the first international membership organization fully dedicated to promoting health systems research and knowledge translation.

Starting from March 1st, 2015 Curatio International Foundation hosts the HSG secretariat, which was previously housed in the Center for Health and Infectious Disease Research at the University of Copenhagen.

Dr. George Gotsadze, Director and President of Curatio International Foundation assumed the role of the Executive Director of Health Systems Global. He leads secretariat together with the communications team from  Institute of Development Study (Brighton, UK) and strives for the HSG to become a stronger society.

CIF will hand over secretariat management to another LMIC country in 2020.

HSG Financial Supporters Since 2015 

Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Canadian Institute for Health Research

China Medical Board

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Global Affairs Canada

Global Ideas Fund at CAF America

International Development Research Centre, Canada

Rockefeller Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency


Wellcome Trust

Project Objectives and Contributions

To connect health systems research and policy communities globally to contribute to the attainment of better health, equity, and well-being.

About the Global Symposia

Health Systems Global organizes a symposium every two years to bring together its members with the full range of players involved in health systems and policy research. There is currently no other international gathering that serves the needs of this community.

The venue chosen for each meeting facilitates inclusion of participants from a specific part of the world and a focus on that region, although each is a global meeting in terms of content and representation. Each symposium is determined to:

  • Share new state-of-the-art evidence;
  • Review the progress and challenges towards implementation of the global agenda of priority research;
  • Identify and discuss the approaches to strengthen the scientific rigour of health systems research including concepts, frameworks, measures, and methods;
  • Facilitate greater research collaboration and learning communities across disciplines, sectors, initiatives, and countries.

Previous global symposia were held in Montreux, 2010, Beijing 2012, Cape Town 2014, Vancouver 2016 and the fifth one will take place in Liverpool during October 8-12, 2018 and is expected to bring together around 3000 global participants.

Detailed information about the 5th global symposium on the Health Systems Research is available on the website.