Problems related to the unsafe injection practice in the Health care facilities of Georgia-Policy Brief, research report, 2011

In accordance with the results of Global Disease Survey conducted by World Health Organization in 2000, every year 21 million people are infected with B Hepatitis, 2 million – with Hepatitis C and 260 thousand are infected with HIV by means of contaminated injection. 40% of B and C Hepatitis incidences among medical personnel are associated with professional activities[1].

Current policy brief involves goals and findings of the study undertaken by Curatio International Foundation. The study looked at a) whether facilities meet necessary requirements of injection practices, equipment use and medical materials and waste management; b) Determining whether injection procedures are implemented in accordance with the recommendations of the best practice; c) Identifying practices posing risk over patients, personnel and society in order to implement respective interventions.

Read policy brief and full version of the research report to learn more on background situation, findings and recommendations. (document is available in Georgian).