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Prevention of Addiction and Mental Health in Adolescents in Georgia (PAMAd)

The  42-month duration project “Prevention of Addiction and Mental Health in Adolescents in Georgia (PAMAd)” aims to improve the health and wellbeing of adolescents and young people affected by substance use and common mental health disorders through effective service provision.

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Georgia Primary Health Care Profile: 6 Year after UHC program introduction

The document emphasizes the role of Universal Health Care Program in increased access to health services, although it concludes that PHC needs prioritization and improved program management to address existing challenges in the system: fragmentation in service provision and inefficiency in service delivery.

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Doing embedded development and research – reflections on the start of the Results4TB programme

Georgia has a high overall tuberculosis treatment success rate, but with wide geographical variation, and a high loss to follow up. Treatment success rate of drug-sensitive patients varies from 50% to 100%. Even more worrying has been the relatively low treatment success rates for multi-drug resistant TB patients, at around 56%.

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