Georgia Primary Health Care Profile: 6 Year after UHC program introduction

Curatio International Foundation publishes Georgia Primary Health Care (PHC) profile. Georgia PHC profile was prepared based on Primary Health Care Vital Signs framework developed by the Primary Health Care Performance Initiative (PHCPI). PHCPI is a partnership dedicated to transform the global state of primary health care through three interconnected areas of work: Measurement, Improvement, and Engagement.

Georgia Primary Health Care profile covers several key domains that are important to provide quality primary health care for all including general country context, financing, capacity and performance. Information that are distributed across different domains are based on national surveys, statistical yearbooks of national institutions, case-studies and reports developed by Curatio International Foundation, Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research, World Health Organization, World Bank, National Democratic Institute. Georgia PHC profile does not include equity domain as data that measures equity at PHC level is not available.

The document emphasizes the role of Universal Health Care Program in increased access to health services, although it concludes that PHC needs prioritization and improved program management to address existing challenges in the system: fragmentation in service provision and inefficiency in service delivery.

You can access the document here.

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