Final Evaluation of Gavi’s Support to Albania

After the conclusion of Gavi’s support period (2014) to the Albania, Curatio International Foundation conducted the evaluation study and assessed financial and programmatic sustainability through an in-depth analysis of Albania’s experiences and immunization programme performance before, during and after the conclusion of Gavi’s support period to the country.

The evaluation also identified factors contributing to the sustainability of these programs and their achievements. The evaluation considered the types and quality of support received and the way in which Gavi’s support to Albania was considered.

Main Findings:
  • The coordination mechanism between partners  established at the time of Gavi support continues to operate, although the frequency of the meetings has decreased
  • All Gavi supported activities have been continued : The Hep B and pentavalent vaccines and Auto-Disable (AD) syringes are fully financed by the Government, and are safeguarded in the MoH budget
  • Stable and high immunization coverage rates (> 95%) for all antigens included in the national immunization schedule have been sustained as of today at the national and district levels
  • Achievements in safe injection have been sustained in Albania
  • After Gavi support ended, Albania has continued to introduce new vaccines
  • The budget planning mechanism used for vaccine procurement during the Gavi support period has been maintained and institutionalized
  • The use of the UNICEF procurement mechanism for purchasing all vaccines in the immunization schedule has been sustained.

The full report of the evaluation is now available on the GAVI’s website, please visit the page for more information.

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