Call for Interns as researchers is now open

The summer internship program is now open! Master’s degree and Ph.D. students from around the world are invited to apply and use the possibility to develop advanced research skills, meet leading experts in the field and/or become a co-author of a scientific paper. We offer one bold research direction – the role of the private sector in health which has three focus areas:

  1. The private sector in health, especially for Low and Upper-Middle Income Country settings and looking at organization and operations (i.e., type of service provision, a continuum of care delivery).
  2. The tools that are being used to measure the private sector performance, such as financial and operational indicators, indicators of quality measurement, etc. While the evidence will be sourced from both high- and low-income country settings, more emphasis will be placed on the availability of the evidence for a low and upper-middle-income country setting.
  3. The challenges that are characteristic to the private healthcare market and require a policy response.

If you are interested in the abovementioned research topics and would like to find out more about working with our research team, please submit your resume, motivation letter indicating the selected research topic (from the listed three above), and why you are interested in this area of work. The submission has to be accompanied by the recommendation letter from the university or the working place.

Interns are expected to conduct a desk-based literature review about the abovementioned topic (s). The literature review will be based on the review articles, but where the review articles are not available, the researchers would look at the individual papers for the needed evidence, published in journals, or available from grey literature sources. The period covered by the review should include all articles published since 1990 in English and available online. The geographical scope should cover high-income as well as upper- and low-income countries.

Interns will work closely with the CIF research team, will engage in discussions and research questions elaboration, to be answered through literature review.

The deadline for the application is March 10th, 2020. Notification about selection will be sent within 15 days after the deadline. Please follow our Twitter account with the hashtag #internshipatCIF to be updated about the selection process.

CIF attracts interns who are interested in having first-hand experience in the real-life setting and in contributing to the research projects implemented by the organization. Experience shared by our previous interns will give you a better idea about our internship program, please follow the link:

For any further queries, please contact Internship Program Coordinator Maia Uchaneishvili at [email protected]

Interns are expected to have the following capabilities/experience:

  • While CIF will fully support the interns, they are expected to have basic literature search and review skills/experience following the research framework.Ability to undertake a comprehensive, systematic literature search, ability to critically evaluate publications, thorough analytical and summative skills, ability to develop a clear and coherent structure of the review with accurate citations.
  • Manuscript or report writing skills/experience. Sharing of the reports or other documents developed by the intern to prove their writing skills would be beneficial.

Applicants interested in this research topic, however, not having proficiency in the skills, are strongly encouraged to upgrade their theoretical knowledge and practical skills prior to the internship term by enrolling in respective courses in their schools or taking online ones (for example, Coursera or other ones). Applicants will be expected to adequately reflect this weakness in their application/motivation letter and describe how they intend to advance their knowledge and skills prior to undertaking an internship. Failure to do so will have a negative impact on internship evaluation if accepted in our program.

We are looking forward to applications and fruitful collaboration. #internshipatCIF

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