Yale University Announced Selection of Leading Georgian Public Health Expert, Ketevan Chkhatarashvili, as a 2007 Yale World Fellow Yale University announced the selection of the leading Georgian health policy advisor, Ketevan Chkhatarashvili, the preside

Yale University announced the selection of the leading Georgian health policy advisor, Ketevan Chkhatarashvili, the president of Curatio International Foundation, an organization which is a pioneer of health care reform throughout the Caucasus, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa, as a 2007 Yale World Fellow.

The Yale World Fellows Program represents a unique initiative among U.S. universities and a core element of Yale’s commitment to be a leading global university. Aiming to build a worldwide network of emerging leaders and to broaden international understanding, the Program conducts a competition each year to select 18 highly accomplished early mid-career men and women from government, business, the media, and civil society organizations representing countries across the world for a 4-month leadership program at Yale. The Yale World Fellows Program has at its core three main goals: to provide advanced global leadership training to emerging leaders from a diverse set of fields and countries, to link these world leaders to each other and to Yale in a tangible way and to expand and deepen international understanding at Yale. The Program selection process is intense: the 18 World Fellows for 2007 were selected from a pool of 970 applicants from around the world. From August to December, the 2007 World Fellows will engage in a specially designed seminar taught by some of Yale’s most eminent faculty; take any of the 3,000 courses offered at the University; participate in weekly dinners with distinguished guest speakers; receive individualized skill-building training; and meet with U.S. and foreign leaders. In addition, all World Fellows, both past and present, are invited to a biennial Return to Yale Forum, where past and current Fellows meet to build a global network of world leaders as well as renew their ties to Yale. The next Forum will take place October 24–27, 2007.

Yale University is located in historic New Haven, Connecticut. Founded in 1701, the University consists of 12 schools: Yale College, the four-year undergraduate school; the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences; and 10 professional schools, including the Yale School of Medicine, the Yale Law School, and the Yale School of Music. Yale has a global reputation for training U.S. and world leaders – including four of the last six U.S. presidents.

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