Georgian Healthcare Barometer XIV Wave The analysis of financial stability and risks in healthcare

Curatio International Foundation publishes the new 14th wave of the healthcare barometer which analyzes the financial situation and risks in Georgian healthcare sector. The new barometer has been prepared under the framework of cooperation between the Curatio International Foundation and Galt & Taggart. We hope that issues emphasized in the analysis will be helpful to stakeholders and will assist in rational decision-making to address existing gaps in the healthcare sector.

This review of financial stability and risks in the healthcare sector consists of four main chapters: financing and effectiveness of the healthcare system, current challenges in healthcare, indebtedness and financial stability of the healthcare sector, and financial analyses of healthcare providers. The information presented in the above-mentioned areas is based on data publicized by state bodies and other organizations in 2014-2020.

The document highlights the financial risks in the health sector, the elimination of which requires the cross-sectoral dialogue among various parties.

See the full document here.

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