Analyses of Costs and Financing of the Routine Immunization Program and New Vaccine Introduction in the Republic of Moldova

In 2012-2014 Curatio International Foundation implemented the costing study that aimed to evaluate routine immunization program costs and financing as well as incremental costs and financing of a new vaccine introduction in the Republic of Moldova.

The study was a part of a larger effort to evaluate costs and financing of routine immunization in six countries (Moldova, Benin, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana, Honduras) supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The study generated new information that will help a) improve the planning of resource requirements and financing needs at the country level; b) improve the understanding of the total immunization program costs and unit costs, as well as delivery costs of Routine Immunization services and delivery costs associated with the introduction of a new vaccine and c) contribute to updating GAVI Alliance policies on new vaccine introduction support.

The findings of our study provide critical information for discussing issues related to the affordability of new vaccine introduction in Moldova, and the financial sustainability of the national immunization program after it graduates from GAVI support.

Please follow the links to read the final presentationproject report and policy brief.


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