Assessing the Health Insurance for the Poor in Georgia

During the last two decades Government of Georgia initiated series of reforms introducing major changes in health financing policy and restructuring the health system to reverse the negative trends observed in equity, affordability and quality of essential health service for significant part of the country population and particularly for the poor.

Addressing problems in equity and financial protection against health care costs through re attainment of universal coverage for essential health care services for the entire population was one of the longstanding and explicitly stated national health policy goals.

Affordability of health care services is one of the most critical issues for Georgia’s health sector. The matter is among top five most important national issues for a large part of the Georgian population. Medical Insurance for the Poor (MIP), a public program initiated in 2007, provides private insurance coverage to one fifth of the Georgian population and is aimed to protect its beneficiaries from financial hardship and impoverishment that may be caused by health care expenditures.

The study implemented by the Curatio International Foundation with the support from the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research/World Health Organization assesses the impact of Medical Health Insurance (MIP) for the Poor on equity in access to essential health care services and financial protection against health care costs for the poor and general population.

The first phase of the study was published in May 2011. The document briefly describes identified accomplishments and shortcomings of the public private partnership in realization of medical insurance for the poor and discusses emerging policy options and policy recommendations on the future of MIP.

The second part of the study aimed to assess the overall impact of medical insurance for the poor. The resulting document also reviews steps undertaken by the government in the design and implementation of the insurance program: the way the benefit package was designed, institutional and purchasing arrangements. It also describes the role of high level actors in MIP formulation and implementation, their influence, nature of interest and perceived position on possible future MIP expansion.

View full documents:

Policy Brief-Medical Insurance for the Poor: impact on access and affordability of health services in Georgia

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Full Study Report- Health Insurance for Poor: Georgia’s Path to Universal Coverage


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