Article on Springer-Determinants of Risky Sexual Behavior Among Injecting Drug Users in Georgia

Curatio International Foundation has published the article on Springer, Aids and Behavior Section. The article covers the findings of CIF’s recent study on Injection risk practices and risky sexual behaviors among injection drug users (IDUs) and their sexual partners particularly vulnerable to HIV. The purpose of the study was to describe and understand determinants of high-risk sexual behavior among IDUs in Georgia. A cross-sectional, anonymous survey assessed knowledge, behavior and HIV status in IDUs in five Georgian cities (Tbilisi, Gori, Telavi, Zugdidi, Batumi) in 2009. The study enrolled in total 1,127 (1,112 males, 15 females) IDUs. Results indicate that occasional sexual relationships are common among male IDUs, including married ones.

Authors of the article are: Ivdity Chikovani, Ketevan Goguadze, Ivana Bozicevic, Natia Rukhadze & George Gotsadze.

See the abstract on Springer.

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