CIF Celebrated the 20th Anniversary

On September 19, Curatio International Foundation celebrated the 20th anniversary. Alongside with our work it turned 20 years from Georgian healthcare system reforming start up, after collapse of Soviet Union. CIF celebrated the anniversary together with the people who were healthcare reform initiators, developers or the witnesses.

The evening was also attended by the Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, Mr. David Sergeenko and former ministers: Avtandil Jorbenadze, Amiran Gamkrelidze, Gigi Tsereteli, Alexander Kvitashvili and Andrew Urushadze.

During the evening short movie summarizing post-Soviet health system reforms was represented to the audiance and held presentation of publication ‘20 Years of Healthcare’.  CIF annual fellowship certificate was awarded to 2014-2015 year’s winner Ana Tatulashvili.


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