George Gotsadze – CIF director at fifth Global NHA symposium in Lund, Sweden

Dr. George Gotsadze has participated in the fifth Global NHA symposium hosted in Lund, Sweden. July 8-11, 2007

The Fifth Global NHA symposium was a two-day workshop, arranged by the Swedish Institute for Health Economics (IHE) in collaboration with the Swedish international development cooperation agency (Sida) and the United States agency for international development (USAID). The program included training and information sessions regarding the production of NHA as well as benefits and policy implications of using the tool to inform policy processes and evaluate results of reforms.

Dr. Gotsadze presented findings on Status of NHA Development and use in CIS Region: Achievements and Challenges, which aimed at providing update on the status of NHA implementation in CIS region and at raising key issues that pose challenges to the countries and country teams.

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