Civil society is gathering for the third time to hold a discussion about the healthcare

On 13 and 14 July, the Curatio International Foundation and the Open Society Foundation organize the third meeting with representatives of civil society, media, and academy. The purpose of the meeting is to analyze Georgia’s health care system and to discuss the challenges of the system.

During the third meeting, we will discuss the international and local healthcare practices, the universal health care program in Georgia and the cycle of budgeting.

In the previous two meetings, the platform talked about challenges of the pharmaceutical sector and analyzed current arrangements on the pharmaceutical market in Georgia that makes it difficult for the population of Georgia have an access to affordable medications.

In the second phase of the discussion, an invited expert Raminta Stuikyte shared with the participants of the meeting the world practice on advocacy for more affordable medicines.

Visit this hyperlink to get familiar with issues highlighted at the meeting about the availability of affordable drugs.

The Open Society Network provides the financial support to the project. The project aims at covering healthcare topics of high public interest and at strengthening the systematic knowledge of this society for future advocacy and active engagement in these processes.

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