CIF and the Results for Development / Accelerator combined their expertise to co-author an insightful blog, shedding light on Georgia’s commendable efforts to overcome limited data challenges and develop evidence-based policies for financing rehabilitation services

The Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health, and Social Affairs in Georgia has taken a significant step in extending financial protection for rehabilitation services through the Universal Health Coverage Program. With support from the Health Systems Strengthening Accelerator, a project implemented by CIF and R4D, the Ministry has used strategic health purchasing to address key questions and develop an optimal program for rehabilitation. They have identified priority health conditions amenable to rehabilitation, matched them with cost-effective interventions, and validated the list through stakeholder engagement.

The costing of services was done using benchmark data from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, and budget impact estimates were made based on available data sources and expert input. The state-funded rehabilitation program has been launched, with plans for expansion and further improvements. The collaboration with local stakeholders, facilitated by the Accelerator project, has laid a strong foundation to ensure inclusive healthcare journeys for the people of Georgia.

Full text is available here. 

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