Civil Society is Being United to Discuss Healthcare System Issues

Curatio International Foundation, within the framework of the ongoing project: “Engaging civil society in decision-making and monitoring in Georgian healthcare sector” along with the Open Society Network supports strengthening and consolidating civil society representatives interested in health care for advocacy on health issues. To this end, we start a joint discussion on the problematic issues of the health system to identify systemic shortcomings, to collect evidence and to set an action plan for change.

This initiative brings together more than 20 interested organizations, including civil society, media, and academy.

The first meeting will be held on 29-30 March in Lopota, Kakheti. In the frames of the meeting, its participants will have a discussion about healthcare system challenges associated with the pharmaceutical market, such as such as availability of medicines, medication quality control and rising prices.

The aim of the discussion is to bring together the knowledge about the pharmaceutical sector in Georgia, to collect evidence and official statistics, and to plan joint advocacy initiatives of civil society.

The financial support of the project is the Open Society Network. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to hold a number of workshops in order to cover the topics of high interest for the public.

Information on the process of the process will be available on the website of Curatio International Foundation. Also, keep track of Curatio Facebook page to gain access to the updated content.

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