Transition Preparedness Assessment

Sustainability of national HIV and TB programs gains importance in light of recent changes in the global health landscape when external funders are redirecting resources to poorer states while phasing out from middle-income countries.

Objectively evaluation of the country transition readiness is a key in the transition process. With this aim in 2015, Curatio International Foundation developed a Transition Preparedness Assessment (TPA) Framework with the Global Fund financial support and piloted in four Eastern European countries Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine.

The country Case Studies present findings in a standardized way that enable country stakeholders to prioritize areas that need most attention during transition planning and implementation. In addition, the assessment findings are useful for the donors to guide the country in the transition process. These countries share important similarities that are presented in the Synthesis Report. The three countries case studies are also downloadable below.

Synthesis report – 4 countries
Ukraine-case study
Georgia-case study
Belarus – case study

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