Drexel University on CIF Internship Program

Alexander Krengel from Seattle, US is a Master of Public Health student at Drexel University. He is interested in global health systems and issues about implementation health systems around the world. Thats why he became a CIF intern and spent 4 weeks in Georgia this winter. Drexel University publishes a short story about his exparance through the internship program.

“…This winter break, Krengel found his opportunity to not only visit the country but also work on a project related to his master’s degree studies in public health.

“I have a lot I want to accomplish. I’m going to learn a lot from being in Tbilisi,” Krengel told DrexelNow while working in the Georgian capital. “[I’m] experiencing a new culture and doing research. All of those learning experiences will be tremendous. They’ll sum to expand my perspective and allow me to connect.” read more

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