Impact of global HIV/AIDS initiatives on health systems in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Georgia

During January-July 2010 Curatio International Foundation in collaboration with London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and other partners started exploring the effects of Global Fund HIV programmes on the roles of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine. The study attempt to assess CSO advocacy efforts to reform HIV/AIDS and drug related Policies in three former Soviet Union countries.

In-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine by national researchers with representatives from a sample of 49 civil society organizations (CSOs) and 22 national key informants.

On July 4th findings of the study were published in Health Policy and Planning, titled as Has Global Fund support for civil society advocacy in the Former Soviet Union established meaningful engagement or ‘a lot of jabber about nothing’?

As the results of the study prompt the Global Fund support resulted in the professionalization of CSOs, which increased confidence from government and increased CSO influence on policies relating to HIV/AIDS and illicit drugs. Interviewees also reported that the amount of funding for advocacy from the Global Fund was insufficient, indirect and often interrupted. CSOs were often in competition for Global Fund support, which caused resentment and limited collective action, further weakening capacity for effective advocacy.

The study was funded by the Open Society Foundations.

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