Workshop to discuss the risk assessment of future TB migrants

Curatio International Foundation held a workshop aiming to discuss: “The risk assessment of future TB migrants and offer a mechanism to reduce those risks based on advanced international experience” considering the Georgian context. Various stakeholders attended the meeting, from both the governmental and non-governmental sectors. The participants discussed the results of a survey conducted by the Curatio International Foundation and discussed the next steps considering the Georgian context. Specific research objectives were:

  1. Assessment of migration flows, their structure and volumes, and assessment of the expected epidemiological risk of TB from migrants for Georgia.
  2. Determining when TB will become an important problem for Georgia, as it is in the countries of the European region.
  3. Analyze international experience to see which program measures have the maximum effect on TB risk/morbidity and prevention in migrants.
  4. Develop recommendations based on this information and in consultation with stakeholders

The meeting was conducted successfully, and the final report of the study will be published by Curatio International Foundation in the nearest future.

The project is supported by the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC).


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