Internship at Curatio International Foundation is challenging for John Hopkins University Students

Throughout 2 weeks Curatio International Foundation will be hosting interns from Public Health School at John Hopkins University Sudit Ranade and Mollie Werlieb.

Having the opportunity to undertake internship at Curatio International Foundation for the first ever time, students are challenged and motivated to help the organization in analyzing the data from the Bio Behavioral Surveillance Survey for injection drug users and write the article for scientific journal submission.

Mollie Werlieb has an extensive NGO experience both in US and in former Soviet Union, specifically in Russia and Ukraine. Her particular interest lies in behavioral determinants of health and healthy life style. She seeks and hopes to learn more about health status of people in Georgia, explore people’s attitudes and ideas about health. Working on Injection Drug Users project is especially challenging since she hopes that they may develop some recommendations for effective intervention and have impact in elaborating adequate policy.

Sudit Ranade is the family physician in Canada and is doing his Masters in Public Health with the focus on international health and child health. This internship opportunity poses him the challenge to learn how organizations like CIF deal with large volumes of data and where do all these data go afterwards. “We are working to analyze all the data. We want the report to be applicable to increasing scientific knowledge but also have practical applications. It is challenging to see how organizations use this kind of data to potentially impact the world’s scenario”.

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