Announcing Winter Internship Program 2016

Curatio International Foundation invites Master and PhD international students to apply on Winter Internship Program. Through the program, students have the possibility to develop advanced research skills, meet leading experts in the field and become a coauthor of a scientific paper.

For Winter Internship Program 2016, Curatio International Foundation (CIF) offers three different research topics:

  1. HIV/AIDS and Behavioral Issues
  2. Adherence to TB treatment
  3. Maternal and Child Health Research

Applicants should submit a resume (the template is available below), cover letter indicating the selected research topic and supporting letter from the university or the working place.
Interested students with good literature review OR quantitative analysis skills OR scientific paper writing skills will strongly benefit from participating in this program.
Deadline for application is November 5, 2015. Notification about selection will be sent within one week period after the deadline.

All necessary Information and documents are available on the links below:

Since 2002 CIF attracts interns from around the world, who are interested to have the first-hand experience in the real-life setting and to contribute to the research projects implemented by the organization.

For any further queries, please contact Internship Program Coordinator Maia Uchaneishvili or send us E-mail at [email protected]

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