Inter-regional workshop in preparation for transitioning towards domestic financing in TB, HIV and Malaria programmes

During October 17-19 the WHO Regional Office for Europe in collaboration with WHO headquarters, GFATM and USAID organised a workshop in Tbilisi to provide countries a platform for dialogue on sustainability and transition issues, and to further define regional and national actions for successful transition from external support while maintaining and scaling up efforts in addressing HIV, TB and Malaria.  The workshop was organized in the framework of WHO and the GFATM Cooperation and Financing Agreement.

This event aimed to provide a platform for countries and key partners to exchange good practices and lessons learned in transitioning from external to domestic financing of TB, HIV and Malaria response within the context of the Universal Health and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Experts of Curatio International Foundation joined the workshop as presenters and facilitators at the following sessions:

Day 1
15:30 – 15:50

Transition from a donor: common barriers, challenges, and lessons learned
Keynote Speech –  George Gotsadze, President, Curatio International Foundation

Day 2

Strategies for scaling up and sustaining effective and evidence-based services for key and vulnerable populations
Facilitator: Ivdity Chikovani, Senior researcher, Curatio International Foundation

Ensuring access to quality key health products and TB, HIV and Malaria medicines: Challenges, opportunities, and the need to develop reliable and efficient systems for procurement and supply chain management
Method: Presentation and Table Conversations
Facilitator: Tamar Gotsadze, Consultant at Curatio International Foundation

Day 3

In dialogue with the partners, Panel discussion (WHO, GFATM, USAID, GAVI (TBC), Stop TB Partnership, UNAIDS, GIZ)
Method: Talk Show Style Panel Discussion
Moderator: George Gotsadze, President, Curatio International Foundation
Jost Wagner, The Change Initiative

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