CIF Study Published in BMC Magazine, The Role of Supportive Supervision on Immunization Program Outcome- a randomized filed trial from Georgia

The research article by CIF and international experts has been published in BMC International Health and Human Rights 2009. Article is a part of the supplement: The fallacy of coverage: uncovering disparities to improve immunization rates through evidence.The Canadian International Immunization Initiative Phase 2 (CIII2) Operational Research Grants.

In the republic of Georgia, a country where widespread health care reforms have taken place over the last decade, an intervention was recently implemented to strengthen performance of immunization programs. A range of measures were taken to ensure that immunization managers carry out their activities effectively through direct, personal contact on a regular basis to guide, support and assist designated health care facility staff to become more competent in their immunization work. The study addresses the issues of human resources and its management in improving immunization coverage rates and aims to document the effects of “supportive” supervision on the performance of the immunization program at the district level in Georgia.

Follow the link to learn more about methods and results of the survey.


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