CIF will Launch Fellowship for the Best Student of Healthcare/Public Health Management Faculty

Are you a successful last year bachelor student of healthcare/public health management? If yes, you are posed a golden opportunity to be granted the fellowship worth around 250 GEL monthly.

From 2009 CIF will start awarding fellowships to the most successful students of Healthcare organization/Public Health Management who are awaiting bachelor’s diploma from accredited Georgian universities. At the beginning the project will be piloted in the capital Tbilisi.

CIF will grant 250 GEL monthly to one of the most successful students who is willing to pursue his/her career in healthcare/public health management on high benefit of this field. The effort will provoke motivation of students to become real professionals of health care/public health management. For promotion of fellowships CIF will boost special web page on its web site where the information about its fellows will be situated. The page will enable students to be exposed to the health care management student community and will contain useful for students links.

CIF’s effort is the first ever to target bachelor’s students of Healthcare/Public Health management and aims to:

Demonstrate successful bachelor student
Promote specialization of Healthcare organization/Public health management

Students will be selected based on the following criteria:

Incumbent should be motivated to become professional of the selected job
References of high education institution on the student

Conditions of assigning fellowship:

Fellowship will be assigned to one student once per year based on the selection process
Fellowship amount comprises 250 GEL monthly
Fellowship will be granted from the beginning of the academic year, September 1.

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