Strategic Fellowship – series of training courses for students

On November 24-29, 2021,  Curatio International Foundation launched a series of training courses for students under the Strategic Fellowship / Internship Program, aimed at enhancing capacity in health policy and systems, and in particular in developing evidence-based policies. Upon completion of the training, students will continue to enhance their skills as part of the fellowship program.

During the training course, students were given  the opportunity to get acquainted with the following topic :

  • Health policy and systems research and data classification;
  • The role of data (evidence) in health policy development;
  • Linking data (evidence) to policy and action;
  • Prioritize research and key issues;
  • Search strategies for identifying and accessing research data (evidence) on health policy issues;
  • Basic research electronic databases for systematic review;
  • Preparation of analytical products (policy paper, rapid review document, quick response products, etc.)
  • Communication methods and approaches (proper communication, data visualization, social media campaign, etc.)
  • Advocacy (evidence-based advocacy, coalition approaches to advocacy, policy change, etc.)

The training course was led by representatives and trainers of the field: Ivdity Chikovani, Maia Uchaneishvili, Lela Sulaberidze, Giorgi Soselia, and Ina Charkviani.

The strategic internship program is implemented in collaboration with the American University of Beirut and will last for two months. The ultimate goal of the program is to strengthen institutional and individual, address gaps in the health care system, and facilitate the development of evidence-based policies.

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