CIF Publishes the Short Movie on 20 Years of Healthcare, 2014

Curatio International Foundation celebrates its 20 years anniversary and prepares short movie describing the history of health care reforms in Georgia after collapse of Soviet Union. The story is retailed directly by the people involved in the process and organizations that encouraged the progress: Amiran Gamkrelidze -Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairsin 2001-2003, Akaki Zoidze- Deputy State Minister in 2001-2003 years, Giorgi Gotsadze – CIF director, Alexander Kvitashvili – Minister of Labour, Health and Social Affairs in 2008-2010, Stephen Heikin- USAID/Caucasus Mission Director, Dandan Chen- World Bank Human Development Program Leader for the South Caucasus
We appreciate their participation in the movie.

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