Conference paper about realist evaluation: Informing policy, assessing its effects and understanding how it works for improved Tuberculosis management in Georgia

In the last week of October, 2017 Brisbane, Australia hosted International Conference for Realist Research Evaluation and Synthesis – Realist2017. Realist evaluation is complex sensitive approach and is useful for decision makers because rather responding the question “does the intervention or program work” Realist Evaluation indicates “What works for whom in what circumstances, and how?”

Curatio International Foundation and the partner institution – Institute of Tropical Medicine, from Antwerp, Belgium presented a work undertaken in the frame of #Results4TB project. During the session professor Bruno Marchal, Ariadna Nebot and Lela Sulaberidze discussed issues around Informing policy, assessing its effects and understanding how it works – Combining realist evaluation, cost analysis and impact assessment of a policy for better TB care in Georgia.

During the session, the conference audience was informed about the new project – provider Results-Based Financing for improved TB care management in Georgia that is currently being designed to be piloted from 2018 in the country. In this project, we use Realist Evaluation approach to evaluate mechanisms of effect and impact of the intervention. At the conference research team introduced insights of using Realist Evaluation to not only elicit the Programme Theory of the policy-makers and implementers, but also of the researchers, to help

  • Policymakers to achieve a better view on the problem and the solution, and the conditions required to make it work
  • Researchers to develop a better common understanding that would lead to a better research design, and an integrated data collection and analysis strategy
  • Review of the existing evidence is supposed to contribute to better-informed policies and evaluations

During the presentation research team emphasized the following issues: 1. Insights into the program theory elicitation process, from concept to practice; 2. Participative methods applied during the program theory elicitation.

 Please read the slightly modified presentation.

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