Assessment of the Quality of Maternal and Neonatal Services in Montenegro

Curatio International Foundation (CIF) publishes a report on the Assessment of the Quality of Maternal and Newborn Care in Montenegro, a project supported by UNICEF and in collaboration with the Montenegro’s Ministry of Health. This initiative enriched by CIF’s expertise, aimed to enhance maternal and newborn healthcare quality through strategic priorities at both institutional and national levels.

The primary objectives of the assessment was to:

  • Assess the progress made since the previous assessment in 2016 and identify key areas of the quality of maternal and new-born care in Montenegro
  • Suggest priority actions needed to improve the quality of MCH care at the facility and national levels, considering each underlying factor influencing the quality of care
  • Develop a specific action plan using the WHO Hospital Care for Mother and Newborn Babies Quality Assessment and Improvement Tool
  • Provide the opportunity for a national team of assessors to become familiar with the assessment tool and methodology and introduce the concepts of peer review and quality improvement to managers and health professionals in the assessed facilities

CIF expresses its appreciation to the consultants, the team of assessors, UNICEF and the Ministry of Health in Montenegro for their dedicated support and hard work throughout the project.

For an in-depth understanding of the findings and proposed recommendations, readers are encouraged to explore the full report available here.

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