Report on Phased (Stepwise) Plan for the Capability Development of the Priority Rehabilitation Services

The Inclusive Development Hub of USAID’s Bureau for Development, Democracy, and Innovation has partnered with the Accelerator to support countries in strengthening and integrating rehabilitation services in the health systems. Georgia was selected as one of the priority countries for program support, which entails direct technical assistance and regional and global level activities to catalyze country-level work. The program is implemented during July 2021-September 2023 in close collaboration with USAID in Georgia and the DDI Bureau in Washington. The Accelerator issued a subgrant to Curatio International Foundation (CIF) to support the program’s implementation of activities to achieve program objectives on the ground. This includes operational support and technical expertise on Georgia’s health systems and financing context to complement the Accelerator’s global expertise and translation of existing knowledge into locally feasible solutions.

The project’s primary goal is to improve the financial protection of the population requiring medical rehabilitation services.

The project collaborates with the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia (MoIDPLHSA), and other critical stakeholders toward the following objectives:

  1. Integration of rehabilitation in Georgian health systems and health financing programs.
  2. Creating support systems for implementing programs from Objective 1.

Identifying the priority health conditions amenable to rehabilitation and establishing access and barriers to rehabilitation services for these priority health conditions in Georgia were the first steps undertaken by CIF in achieving the Project objectives. The second section of this document presents the final priority list of health conditions amenable to rehabilitation and briefly describes the process for developing this priority.

The next step for integration of rehabilitation services in the national health sector framework entails defining a plan for the phased (stepwise) scale-up of the rehabilitation services for the priority health conditions through developing capabilities for rehabilitative service providers and for integration of these services in the healthcare financing system –state-funded programs over a medium to long-term period.

This plan is expected to inform the content of the programmatic, operational, policy, and regulatory documents necessary for the development and delivery of these services under the future state-funded program for rehabilitation services. The third and fourth sections of this document present two key components of this plan. The third section describes the current and desired rehabilitation capabilities in terms of infrastructure, workforce, funding and governance and regulatory requirements. The fourth section presents the key actions and timelines of the stepwise plan.

Download the full report. 

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