Georgian Healthcare and its Challenges: Healthcare Expert George Gotsadze will host the lecture

An expert in Health Systems George Gotsadze, in cooperation with training platform Edushare will host a general learning course about healthcare system.

The course will equip participants with the knowledge and information about the healthcare system, specifically the importance of healthcare systems in the societal and economic context for the country. The 3 weeks course will take place in Rooms Hotel Tbilisi, starting November 15 and will host leaders of different organizations, interested with healthcare systems.

The lecture course shows the specificity of the healthcare system in the historical, global and national contexts, so participants can easily link ongoing national processes at the country level to the experience or challenges of other countries. Materials of the course are based on historic facts and current statistical data, that will help to brake myths widely spread in the society or supplied by the government, therefore discussions and consultations about these issues is very important.

Course Outline


22-11-17 | Lecture 1 The role of healthcare system for a modern society in 21st century and the role of healthcare system for economic development of the country
24-11-17 | Lecture 2 How did the healthcare systems evolved Globally and in Georgia, what are current developments
25-11-17 | Lecture 3 What are the main challenges of Global and Georgian healthcare systems
27-11-17 | Lecture 4 Similarities and/or differences of the Georgian healthcare with the healthcare systems of other countries (developed and developing)
29-11-17 | Lecture 5 Objectives and responsibilities of the Georgian healthcare system and how adequately are they resolved

To register on the course please visit the Edushare Facebook page. 

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