Healthcare Utilization and Expenditures for Chronic and Acute Conditions in Georgia: Does benefit package design matter?

An International peer reviewed journal BMC Health Services Research publishes an article Healthcare utilization and expenditures for chronic and acute conditions in Georgia: Does benefit package design matter?, authored by experts from the Curatio International Foundation and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

The article presents study results, evaluating health care utilization and expenditures within the program: Medical Insurance for Poor in Georgia (MIP).

The study assesses how the program effect varied for patients with different health conditions and identifies areas for improvement. The study documented that MIP had a more positive impact for patients with acute illnesses, while for beneficiaries with chronic illnesses, the positive impact was observed just during exacerbations.

Increasing MIP benefits, particularly for patients with chronic illnesses, should receive priority attention if universal coverage objectives are to be achieved.

Visit ResearchGate to read and download the article.

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