Hosting interns from international universities

In the framework of its internship program, during the first months of 2012 winter, Curatio International Foundation hosted two interns Lucia Callizo from Macalester college in Minnesota and Laura Covarrubias from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

Interns made useful contribution to CIF ongoing research projects.

As interns say, their experience at the Curatio International Foundation will help them foster their careers in international public health research.

Here is the video where Laura and Lucia share their experience over their internship opportunities at CIF:


About Lucia Callizo

Lucia is from Paraguay. Currently, she studies at Macalester College in Minnesota, where she is majoring in international studies with a focus in international development. Professionally, she is interested in public health and trying to decide whether to pursue a MPH or go to medical school. Reproductive and child and maternal health are the subfields she would like to explore.
Working on Cost of introducing vaccine in Moldova.

About Laura Covarrubias

Laura is a Master’s of Science in Public Health Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health, where she focuses her studies on reproductive, perinatal, and women’s health.

She previously served as the Marcy Gross Intern for the National Research Center for Women and
Families, where she was responsible for the organization’s public policy efforts to reduce violence
against women. Prior to her research at the Curatio International Foundation on HIV risk behaviors
among injection drug users in Georgia, Laura contributed to a forthcoming research paper on the
screening practices for teen dating violence in Baltimore, Maryland.

Laura graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in
Sociology and Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film.

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